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Announcing – We have a YouTube Channel!

[Video below!!]


When I started this website and blog, I wrote traditional text posts like all of the blogs I followed.

I preferred reading text to watching a video, and any time there was an option to pick text, I always did. Didn’t everyone?

It turns out, no, not everyone does.

It started small, with people telling me they’d love to subscribe to my updates, but didn’t have time to read them. If I would make some videos, though…

I assumed that these people were a small minority, though, and I didn’t have the time to make video posts for a small minority.

Then I happened to mention to a group that a few people asked for video posts, almost chuckling about it since obviously everyone preferred text posts, right?


The entire group started nodding, then started brainstorming how much better it would be if my posts were videos, and then started brainstorming ways for me to make great videos for my subscribers.

After that, I started asking around more and more, and it turns out that a TON of people prefer videos to text.

I appear to be the minority. Huh.


Well, then, so I stand corrected. Videos it is.

And so months of researching videos and equipment and software and practicing videos and making a YouTube channel…

I am proud to announce ButlerSciComm has joined the YouTube era, and we now have videos!

You can watch our first ever video right here, covering the information from our last post on introductions:


Love this? Follow us!

Do you also love videos? If so, subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

Also, ButlerSciComm now has a Facebook page, and I will be posting short clips from the bigger YouTube videos there:

As well as on LinkedIn:


You asked, I listened. So what else do you want?

Help me make ButlerSciComm the best resource out there for science communication.

What do you need more information on? More help with?

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