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Butler SciComm unravels the mysteries behind
successful scientific research papers and grants
with employable strategies and tactics.

We know that scientific communication is notoriously stressful,
but it doesn’t need to be.

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Jump straight into our online scientific paper writing course, and get everything you need to complete the first draft of your scientific research paper – including direct formulas for how to write each section.

who are we?

Our mission at Butler SciComm is to create solutions that empower ALL researchers to effectively communicate their science.

how we do it

We are dedicated to removing barriers that have historically limited effective scientific communication to a select few, making it accessible to all in the research community.

Based on our own learnings and expertise, we offer communication support solutions in the form of services, workshops, and training courses that are easy to understand and implement.

Research outcomes are only as impactful as their story – so we work closely with you to ensure that this critical step progresses naturally and intuitively from the science you’ve already done.

Hi, I'm Kaycie!

Ph.D. Chemist. English-language editor. Yoga enthusiast.
And now, your scicomm guru.

I used to struggle with science communication.
I felt like a fish out of water and like I didn’t belong in academia because I couldn’t make my ideas heard.

One day, I’d had enough and instead studied the ins and outs of how to get people to listen.

Interested in how I did it? 


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