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English Language Editing

It comes at the end of the writing process when many scientists want to feel like they are done, but English language editing is no trivial last step!

I feel your pain – you are so close and yet so far!

The work has been done, and you have a manuscript that tells your story as you intended, and just needs some language tweaks and formatting. Or maybe English isn’t your native language, and you want to make sure that the reviewers can see what you see in your work and aren’t caught up in trying to understand it.

Unfortunately, these tasks that seem like the finishing touches still take you forever, and in the end, can you are never really sure if you got it quite right.

This is the point where many scientists rightly opt to outsource that final stress to an editing team who can handle the language for them!


PhD scientists doing your English language editing

Unfortunately for many scientists, most editing services out there are performed by people who are great with English language and grammar, but just don’t know science.

If you’ve ever used one of these services, you probably realize that it is still a non-trivial task to go back through their edits to ensure the meaning of your science was retained.

But this isn’t what you signed up for when you delegated this task to an editor…delegating should mean the task is all but done!


This is where our English language editing service, Publication Polishing, can really shine!

This speedy service is run my myself and my team of PhD scientists who have also been trained in language editing, so no more stressing about the edits changing the meaning of your scientific text.

It is designed to get you from almost-there to submission in no time and removes the stress from the language details and final formatting.


English language editing testimonial from Sara M

“Your edits definitely take the manuscript up another level,
which in the academic world makes a huge difference.

Really appreciate the service you provide. :-)”

Sara M., Ph.D.
Group Leader, Environmental Engineering


This service will ensure:

  • the English language is perfect, even if you aren’t a native speaker!
  • you or your journal’s preference for British or American (or other!) English is consistent throughout.
  • the manuscript is formatted according to your journal’s requirements.


Your investment – $70 per 1000 words


Contact me here for a quote and details on how I can help you submit your manuscript as quickly as possible!



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