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Technical Scientific Editing

If you were to be granted three wishes, lets be honest, one of them would likely revolve around a manuscript on your desk.

Is the angle eluding you? The reviewers don’t seem to appreciate your work? Maybe a graduate student sent you a draft three months ago and is now on your case, but you can’t get to it until you clear three other manuscripts from your pile?

Well, we’re not going to be able to turn you into a prince or make the apple of your eye fall desperately in love with you, though we can remove those stubborn manuscripts from your to-do list to free you up for pursuing your other goals!


Welcome to your Manuscript Genie! Otherwise known as our technical scientific editing service.

Our full-service technical manuscript and proposal reboot is tailored to your exact needs!

It is designed to perform the “heavy lifting” of manuscript and proposal preparation to remove stress and give you back your time so that you can do more of the things that excite you.


This service is useful for:

  • crafting a compelling story
  • ensuring your publications are accessible to your intended audience
  • locating sticky points in a manuscript before a reviewer
  • working with initial student drafts so professors can focus on the science instead of the structure
  • designing a proposal that is understandable and convincing for your reviewer


This technical scientific editing gives you direct access to me and my editing team, and we will work with you to address your manuscript’s immediate needs and help craft it into the manuscript that best reflects your research and the story you need to share with the scientific community.

It will ensure your manuscript contains:

  • An abstract and title that best reflect your science and make editors and readers interested in learning more
  • An introduction that creates a funnel to draw the reader in to your story and compel them to keep reading
  • Methods and results sections that clearly detail your experiments and logically flow through your story
  • A discussion that highlights what your results mean and what we can learn from them, as well as the importance of your work and its context in the field
  • A conclusion that leaves readers with no doubt as to how you manuscript advances the field and why they should be excited about your work
  • No errors in English language or grammar and is worded in such as way as to be highly accessible to the scientific community


It will ensure your proposal is:

  • understandable for your reviewer – no confusion here!
  • convincing and sells your proposed work in the best way possible
  • free from complex technical terms or too many acronyms that can confuse a reader
  • meeting all the requirements for your call
  • free from errors in English language or grammar


*With proposals, we specifically address common reviewer comments:

  • “The importance is not clear”
  • “The need for this work is not clear”
  • “The broader impacts of this work are not clearly stated”


summary report for technical scientific editing

The technical scientific edit comes with:

  • Your manuscript or proposal
    • Highly commented
    • With tracked changes
      • Rearrangements of sections
      • Suggested text additions
      • Language editing
  • The summary report (see below)


The summary report includes:

  • An overview of your entire manuscript or proposal, including a breakdown of each individual section
  • A summary of the main comments included in the manuscript, with detailed suggestions for how to address them
  • Questions with the manuscript or writing that might flag a reviewer comment
  • Ways to increase the readability and understanding of your manuscript
  • Stylistic points concerning the formatting of the manuscript
  • The frequent language corrections in the manuscript, with explanations for how to avoid these errors in the future

Your investment – $198 per 1000 words


Don’t need the full editing, but still want the power of the technical scientific editing at your disposal?

The technical scientific analysis provides all of the same overview of the strengths, weaknesses, and detailed suggestions for improvement without any of the tracked changes.

The manuscript genie – analysis version comes with:

  • Your manuscript
    • Highly commented
  • The summary report (see below)

Your investment – $99 per 1000 words


For more information, contact me here! I look forward to making your manuscript wishes come true!



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