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“But I don’t need help! I just need to make myself dedicate daily writing time.”

I worked in an office where the lights shorted out, and we were left literally in the dark. The electrician was sent in to fix the wiring, install new light fixtures, and we were up and running again after about a day with only minor inconveniences to all.

Importantly, no one expected me, as a student, to drop my studies to learn how to wire the lights. No one expected my boss, who had even more demands on his time, to do it either. It would have taken us days longer, and there were high chances we would never have had lights in the office.

Instead, we called in the expert. He solved our problem for us faster and with the least amount of disruption so we were able to continue on doing what we were the experts in.

Are you:

  • dreading your backlog of manuscripts that is growing faster than you can find the time to work on it?
  • frustrated that good research has been rejected from several target journals?
  • stuck on a section of a manuscript or grant, continuously reiterating but not improving it?
  • needing a bit of help with formatting?
  • a non-native English speaker who wants to submit a flawless manuscript?


Maybe its time to call in an expert!

Hiring an editor does not mean that you are bad at writing, can’t organize an effective manuscript, or are failing as a scientist.

It means that you know there are better things you can be doing with your time than working through the 3rd round of edits with a graduate student breathing down your neck to submit their paper.

It means that other aspects of your research are exciting you more than rewriting that one section (you know that section) for the 12th time, such that you just can’t seem to find the hour you need to sit down and focus on the document.

Hi, I’m Kaycie!

After earning a Ph.D. in chemistry and completing a postdoc in chemical biology, I trained as a professional English-language editor.

Since my Ph.D, I have been studying everything I can find related to communication, sales/copy writing, and psychology, and then I learned that combining the knowledge from all of these seemingly unrelated interests helped me construct killer manuscripts, applications, and presentations.

I began consulting with professors on manuscript construction and have now helped publish over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts and have assisted academics from undergraduate level to full professors write funded grants and applications, receive invitations for tenure-track interviews, revamp troublesome writing of all kinds, make effective posters, and present their research in a clear, compelling, and professional matter.


So, how can I help you?

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