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Sept 2019 Roundup – Cormac McCarthy, grant-writing tips, and more!

How was your grant season? Even if it didn’t go exactly how you’d expected it to go, remember, there is no perfect grant proposal, and a great grant application is a submitted application!

I know that once Oct 3rd hit, I felt like I was emerging to see the sunlight for the first time in months!

At the same time, with grant season in full force, September was a wealth of great articles and Twitter threads on various aspects of writing.

Without further ado, here are some great ones to check out:

1. The bestselling author Cormac McCarthy provided his tips for writing scientific articles that people will want to read. I love that he focuses on simplicity and discusses several strategies for condensing your writing and making it less formal.

2. @ERC_Research shared and added to a thread on tips for writing a good ERC grant. I like that so many previous applicants submitted advice about first being rejected and what they did to turn around their application the next year. You can find that thread here:

3. @eblissmoreau also shared a nice thread on tips for grant writing. I love that she highlights a predominant fallacy that good science will shine through. Spoiler – it won’t! Make sure your grant is written such that it helps and doesn’t hurt your chances of funding. You can find this thread here:

4. Anna Clemens wrote a post about several ways to get unstuck when you are writing. My go-to is the mind-dump technique. What do you use? What do you want to try next time you are stuck? Find her other techniques here:

5. Finally, if you’ve recently written a paper but don’t know where to submit it or who to recommend as a reviewer, check out When inputting the title of my last paper, I came up as a suggested reviewer…cool!
(Click “show images” if you cannot see the picture.)

Those were my favorite posts from September – what were yours? What interesting science communication stuff did I miss?

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